city council

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city council

The governing body of a city.
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cit′y coun′cil

a municipal body with legislative powers, as passing ordinances and appropriating funds.
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council - a body serving in an administrative capacity; "student council"
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The Vannis kept exemplary order, and closed every evening at the hour suggested by the city council. When Mrs.
Because the Oakland City Council spends its time debating about prunes and raisins.
At the same time that his agents were purchasing corner lots and entire blocks in the heart of the business section and the waste lands for factory sites, Day was rushing franchises through the city council, capturing the two exhausted water companies and the eight or nine independent street railways, and getting his grip on the Oakland Creek and the bay tide-lands for his dock system.
This invitation from the City Council of Charleston was accompanied by the following:--
This invitation, coming as it did from the City Council, the state officers, and all the substantial citizens of both races of the community where I had spent my boyhood, and from which I had gone a few years before, unknown, in poverty and ignorance, in quest of an education, not only surprised me, but almost unmanned me.
No politician in Chicago ranked higher in their confidence; he had been at it a long time--had been the business agent in the city council of old Durham, the self-made merchant, way back in the early days, when the whole city of Chicago had been up at auction.
And neither did any legislature, or city council, come forward to the task of giving the people a cheap and efficient telephone service.
The Riga City Council said that the tender on introducing a public-private partnership model in waste management had been planned, analyzed and coordinated in years.
THE ABERDEEN CITY COUNCIL (THE EVENT COMPLEX ABERDEEN) (EXPERIMENTAL) ORDER 2019 Aberdeen City Council has made the above-named order in terms of its powers under of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.
The upgrading of MPSP to a city council status has been agreed to and is expected to be announced by the federal government soon.
Speaking during a courtesy call that his delegation paid on Gaborone City Council, Mr Henrie said if Gaborone City Councilcould be prompt, it could sign a twinning agreement with the city of Victoria council even before the present councillors' mandate ended in October.
B) The city council cannot be that concerned about pollution as they create most of it with their road changes, i.e.

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