city man

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: man - a financier who works in one of the banks in the City of London
financier, moneyman - a person skilled in large scale financial transactions
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MR RACKSTRAW (a multi-millionaire City man and Radical politician).
There were other sides, too, to Mr Rackstraw's character, but for the moment let him go as a multi-millionaire City man and Radical politician.
The women whom he had come across in his battle upwards, barmaids and their fellows, fifth-rate actresses, occasionally the suburban wife of a prosperous City man, had impressed him only with a sort of coarse contempt.
When he was told that a local magnate had said no one would take him for a City man, he felt that he had not lived in vain.
When he was twenty-one years old Enoch went to New York City and was a city man for fifteen years.
In the presence of two women scrutinizing her as if they suspected her of being there with no good purpose, a male passenger admiring her a little further off, her maid reading Trefusis's newspapers just out of earshot, an uninterested country gentleman looking glumly out of window, a city man preoccupied with the "Economist," and a polite lady who refrained from staring but not from observing, she felt that she must not make a scene; yet she knew he had not come there to hold an ordinary conversation.
He wore a very shiny top hat and a neat suit of sober black, which made him look what he was--a smart young City man, of the class who have been labeled cockneys, but who give us our crack volunteer regiments, and who turn out more fine athletes and sportsmen than any body of men in these islands.
For a City man, John certainly did appear to care as little as might be for the looking up or looking down of things, as well as for the gold that got taken to the Bank.
Anton, he was a city man, and he used to get discouraged.
The former Norwich City man generously donated the proceeds from his testimonial tribute game in May.
However, he lasted only 45 minutes in Kaliningrad before being replaced by the Leicester City man.
A Park City man died of gunshot wounds and a second man was injured in a shooting early Sunday morning that Waukegan police are investigating.