civic spirit

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Noun1.civic spirit - pride in your city
pride - satisfaction with your (or another's) achievements; "he takes pride in his son's success"
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Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer told Le Parisien newspaper at the time: 'Civic spirit must be strengthened.
The French fire brigade service called on the population on Thursday for more civic spirit in helping people affected by the heat-wave as the fire and ambulance services are overwhelmed by emergency calls and unable to tackle all situations.
A Supreme Court associate justice remains hopeful that the government as well as its critics will have the same sense of civic spirit and civic-mindedness as the people who fought for the country's victory at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) against China.
"The 'other-ness' aspect of civic spirit is best reflected in what civic educators refer to as civic dispositions, values, virtues, and attitudes.
The award is named in honor of the longtime Rochester activist and philanthropist and recognizes civic spirit, persistence and determination in turning a vision into reality.
"I was astonished, I would have hoped for more civic spirit and that somebody in difficulty would be assisted."
Alongside with the abovementioned, Pena Nieto also celebrated the pluralistic process led by an independent, autonomous electoral body, as well as acknowledged the dedication and civic spirit of the millions of citizens who, on election day, served as polling officials, party representatives and observers.
However, nothing could dampen the civic spirit and determination of Indian expat Mohammad Yousuf Javed, who walked all the way from Sharjah to Dubai for taking part in Dubai's Car-Free Day initiative.
He said we can learn a lot from the civic spirit of these young volunteers who are helping to keep Karachi's beaches clean for everyone to enjoy.
Beneath many economists' calculations is a "strange" hidden assumption that qualities such as civic spirit, love, and generosity "are scarce resources that are depleted with use." In 2003, while he was president of Harvard University, Lawrence Summers declared, "We all have only so much altruism in us.
Meynell is not primarily concerned for the precise extent to which extent 'good-naturedness,' or civic spirit, or (simply) marginality would account for this spirit of open discussion regarding the presuppositions of freedom.