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Noun1.civil order - the form of government of a social organizationcivil order - the form of government of a social organization
order - established customary state (especially of society); "order ruled in the streets"; "law and order"
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Observe," said Villefort, smiling, "I do not mean to deny that both these men were revolutionary scoundrels, and that the 9th Thermidor and the 4th of April, in the year 1814, were lucky days for France, worthy of being gratefully remembered by every friend to monarchy and civil order; and that explains how it comes to pass that, fallen, as I trust he is forever, Napoleon has still retained a train of parasitical satellites.
For such as violate our civil order, it may be permitted us to show mercy.
The 16 writings are thematically organized according to the main functions of public space--public space as civil order; public space as power and resistance; and public space as art, theater, and performance--and are supplemented by introductory chapters for each theme and concluding chapters by the editors surveying the lessons of the readings and discussing future research directions.
The Legion of Honour, set up by Napoleon Bonaparte in the early 19th Century, is normally awarded to French citizens as a general military and civil order of merit, however foreigners can be made honorary knights and other recipients of the honour include Steven Spielberg and Barbara Streisand.
He did not contest the Lothian and Borders Police civil order, which also requires him to surrender his passport when Hibs travel abroad.
A football ban is a civil order, similar to an asbo, and like its anti-social behaviour counterpart, any breaches are dealt with as a criminal matter and offenders can be arrested.
The Post observes, "The findings, from a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, underscore the depth of public antipathy toward the Iraq war, the doubts about the administration's policies and the limited confidence in the Iraqi government to meet its commitments to restore civil order.
Short for "Antisocial Behavior Order," an ASBO is a civil order that allows a judge to bar a particular individual from engaging in otherwise lawful behavior.
Army War College, Major Ralph Peters warned of the emergence of a global "warrior class" of "erratic primitives of shifting allegiances, habituated to violence, with no stake in civil order."
Home Office minister Baroness Scotland said: "Breaches of this civil order will be capable of being charged as an offence in itself which has a maximum penalty of five years' imprisonment."
This bifurcation that splits religion from the civil order is a huge mistake.
But is this sense of "unnatural" truly secular - that is to say, uncontaminated by religious or philosophical views not pertinent to maintaining the civil order? Clearly, the answer is no.