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Innocent; guiltless.


free from wrongdoing; guiltless.
clean′hand′ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.clean-handed - free from evil or guilt; "an innocent child"; "the principle that one is innocent until proved guilty"
exculpatory - clearing of guilt or blame
righteous - characterized by or proceeding from accepted standards of morality or justice; "the...prayer of a righteous man availeth much"- James 5:16
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He argued that any "clean-handed and self-confident" cabinet minister should not fear interpellation, and should even take this opportunity to highlight his role in developing his ministry and combatting corruption.
NNA - Change and Reform Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Simone Abi Ramia, expressed "natural affinity towards participants in the demonstration taking place in Central Beirut against the waste crisis issue," adding that "yes, most of us do stink, but not all of us!" In an issued statement Saturday evening in wake of the "You Stink" campaign demonstration in Riad Solh and Martyrs' Squares, Abi Ramia considered that "there are certain clean-handed political officials who wish to help in re-building the country and who have never contributed to the state of corruption; and thus, have great empathy for protesters." R.Sh.
The simple truth is that Indonesia is falling apart, and the clean-handed new president can do nothing to stop it.