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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - sign jointly; "Husband and wife co-signed the lease"
validate, formalise, formalize - declare or make legally valid - sign and endorse (another person's signature), as for a loan
endorse, indorse - sign as evidence of legal transfer; "endorse cheques"
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If the student's parents don't have good credit scores or aren't willing to co-sign, a loving grandparent may be asked to step in.
With a co-sign from Drake, Meek Mill, DJ Khaled and more, A Boogie is on his way to becoming one of rap's next stars.
They will share their experiences with student housing and let you know what you need to do to get parents to co-sign leases.
Should I co-sign or countersign the documentation of another RN, nursing provider or nursing student?
But ultimately, I know, based on countless co-signing-gone-bad stories from readers and workshop participants, and my own one-on-one financial counseling over the years, that many people do not understand what it means to co-sign.
Darlings of the independent music press for the past two years on the strength of their first full-length release, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (Touch and Go, 2004), TV On The Radio got a huge public co-sign by rock legend David Bowie and then experienced the typical indy-favorite-signs-with-major-label backlash following their switch to pop juggernaut Interscope Records.
In July, the CIC was asked to co-sign a joint support letter with the Canadian Chemical Producers' Association (CCPA), which endorses the creation of a new Network Centre of Excellence, the Canadian Green Chemistry Network.
If you do not co-sign the notes yourself, you need to be sure that the person co-signing the notes understands the criteria for acceptable documentation and does not cut corners by co-signing notes that fail to meet the rigorous criteria outlined above.
While most states allow nurse practitioners to prescribe, the degree of prescriptive authority varies from full authority (usually in more rural areas where access to a physician is limited), to authority for all medications except controlled substances, to a requirement that physicians co-sign orders within a predetermined time period, to prescriptive authority by protocol (ie, drugs designated for use for specific conditions).
Andreoli when he persuaded him to co-sign for the $340,000 loan from Northbridge-based UniBank for Savings without informing him that there was a third mortgage on the home and that Mr.
The Program Manager will work with their PEO and operator to determine who will co-sign the Expectation Management Agreements.
For instance, should you co-sign for your sister's car and she misses payments, the creditor will immediately come after you in addition to your sister."