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common sense

Sound judgment not based on specialized knowledge.

[Translation of Latin sēnsus commūnis, common feelings of humanity.]

com′mon-sense′ (kŏm′ən-sĕns′), com′mon·sen′si·cal (-sĕn′sĭ-kəl) adj.
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Adj.1.commonsensical - exhibiting native good judgment; "arrive home at a reasonable hour"; "commonsense scholarship on the foibles of a genius"; "unlearned and commonsensical countryfolk were capable of solving problems that beset the more sophisticated"
reasonable, sensible - showing reason or sound judgment; "a sensible choice"; "a sensible person"
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Possessing, proceeding from, or exhibiting good judgment and prudence:
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"I don't think it's commonsensical to think we can deport such a large number of people.
The former Vote Leave leader, who hopes to become prime minister, also called for a "commonsensical" no-deal Brexit to be left on the table to allow the "incubus" to be "pitchforked off the back of British politics".
"This is perhaps the most realistic, most commonsensical solution to the problem of the Spratlys and Paracels, and which could subsequently be joined by Malaysia, Brunei, and Taiwan, and could also be the solution to the problem between China and Japan in the Senkaku Straits or Diaoyu in the East China Sea.
These straight-talking, commonsensical essays are drawn from life, from history, from the world as it really is, from the world as it ought to be, from the mesorah of our forebears, and from the teachings of our sages.
He has, therefore, commended the Borno Elders Forum for its 'patriotic and commonsensical call' on the President to stop the practice of releasing them.
Individuals see, hear, smell, taste, and touch things in their commonsensical world.
Joel is a wonderful, commonsensical character who accepts those different from himself and grows from that acceptance.
The theoretical constructs are commonsensical, even self-evident, in light of the clinical evidence.
Yet Eefje Claassen's claim is backed up by a series of experiments with actual readers, while rhetorical narratology takes the presence of an authorial persona as a commonsensical starting point that does not require further investigation.
Summary: If we pause for a moment and analyse all the venomous criticism heaped on Grihalakshmi magazine, it's commonsensical to realise how flimsy they are.
Moreover, I am inspired by those jurors who have not had the financial opportunity to attend higher educational institutions, but whose life experience has been rich, varied, commonsensical, direct and practical.
The Bureau of Customs (BOC) should start amending its rules on the shipment of balikbayan boxes 'with some commonsensical changes' to its regulations to prevent red tape, Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said on Wednesday.