commotio retinae

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com·mo·tio ret·i·nae

n. L. conmoción retinal, condición traumática que produce ceguera momentánea.
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lashes Lid laceration--specify if it is partial or full thickness involving the lash line and/or the medial canthus Conjunctiva Subconjunctival haemorrhage and sclera Cornea Abrasion, foreign body, Seidel positive fluorescein test for perforation Anterior Cells following traumatic uveitis, blood chamber (hyphema) Lens and Traumatic cataract, lens dislocation/subluxation, iris/pupil irregular pupil, traumatic mydriasis, RAPD following traumatic optic neuropathy Vitreous Vitreous haemorrhage Optic nerves Paie-optic neuropathy Fundus Commotio retinae, haemorrhages, retinal tears/retinal detachment
Most frequent ocular findings in all injured eyes were vitreous haemorrhage 16(32.65%), cataract 12(24.48%), retinal detachment 8(16.32%) and commotio retinae 8(16.32%).
Presenting visual acuity was Counting Finger (CF) at 2 meter with commotio retinae and inferior vitreous hemorrhage.
Diplopia, soft tissue swelling, conjunctival chemosis, isolated subconjunctival haemorrhage, and mild, nonmacular involving commotio retinae were specifically excluded.