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The book says in Chapter 4 on page 53, 'The discovery of cells and their structure became possible with the development of optical lenses and with the construction of compound microscope which was invented by David Jansen...' The correct name of the inventor is Zacharias Janssen.
By type, electron microscope held close to 41.4% share in 2017, followed by optical microscope (18.8%), compound microscope (13.5%), digital microscope (5.4%), fluorescence microscope (4.4%), and others (16.5%).
As the rapid pace of technological development impacts every corner of our lives, the compound microscope has now been brought into 21st-century investigations with a bang by two Hampshire-based inventors.
They were transferred to the taxonomic laboratory for insects and mites in the Departamento de Parasitologia Agricola (DPA) de la Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro (UAAAN), where they were mounted on slides for examination under the compound microscope. The protocols by Martin (2004), with some modifications, were followed for the preparation of slides.
Before fertilization process, egg quality and maturity were checked under a compound microscope (Zeiss Axioskop 2).
Images from 1-9 were taken using normal compound microscope. Aseptate conidiophores and mostly radiate heads with mono and biserriate sterigmata mounted on flask shaped vesicles.
How is a compound microscope similar to a Foldscope?
Under a compound microscope, he could see that the mites he collected from a soil depth of about 20 inches had numerous straight hairs all along their bodies--technically known as setae--that did not match the hair-like patterns on other members of this family.
When you're finished, what you've basically done is to create a compound microscope.''
The slide was examined for the presence of Wolbachia species under a compound microscope (Zeiss) attached with photo-micrographic unit at a magnification of x1000.