computer expert

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: expert - an authority on computers and computing
expert - a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully
computer user - a person who uses computers for work or entertainment or communication or business
UNIX guru - an expert on the UNIX operating system
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Robert said:"I wouldn't say I am a computer expert but I did enjoy the project.
THE British computer expert who helped shut down the Wanna-Cry cyber attack on the NHS has pleaded guilty to criminal charges in the United States, court documents show.
Mazhar Ali Dhotaey, a computer expert, said that they were alive to concerns about Sindhi and were taking practical steps to protect the language.
Marcus Hutchins, a young British computer expert, was hailed a hero for helping to shut down the crippling cyber attack after discovering a so-called "kill switch" that slowed the effects of the WannaCry virus as it swept around the world.
A COMPUTER expert hacked into his business partner's stolen laptop and used its in-built web camera to take a photo of the thief - 2,000 miles away.
Summary: A computer expert has helped police recover his laptop which was stolen during the recent riots across England, using tracking software.
A computer expert who was "left to die" in a thai jail after overstaying his visa returned home yesterday.
ABRITISH Airways computer expert yesterday denied plotting a terror attack from his North East home, claiming he sent suspicious text messages in a bid to protect his family.
A BRITISH Airways computer expert alleged to have offered himself as a suicide bomber was to appear in court today.
A MERSEYSIDE computer expert has been helping get Google up to speed.
Mr Biddle told the court a police computer expert examined the machine and discover ed a total of 59 indecent pictures and 12 obscene movies.
"Digital Photography: Click, Then What?" by computer expert and digital photography enthusiast Chuck Clifton is a thoroughly 'user friendly', step-by-step, 88-page instruction that teaches just what to do to organize, modify, print, share, use, preserve, and transmit your photos from the camera to the computer to the printer.