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Noun1.correlation table - a two-way tabulation of the relations between correlates; row headings are the scores on one variable and column headings are the scores on the second variables and a cell shows how many times the score on that row was associated with the score in that column
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
table, tabular array - a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"
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Correlation table and Descriptive Statistics (mean, standard Deviation) of self efficacy, Depression and Death Anxiety are presented in the following sections:
With integration into national-level databases either via a SIGINT operational tasking authority-based mission correlation table or via an NSA-delegated mission correlation table, the T-TCAE would be responsible for maintaining SIGINT databases for both GCC and regionally aligned force-subordinate SIGINT forces that are either deployed or may be deployed in theater.
It is evident from the correlation table for coefficients of various parameters of genotypes in rain-shelter (Table 3) that, number of maturity days depicted positive and significant correlation (0.38) with relative water contents (RWC) under the rain shelter structure conditions.
To understand the relationship between social support/coercion and risk, a bivariate correlation table was constructed (Table 2).
In correlation table 4.4, country of origin has relationship with consumer willingness because the P-Value = .000 which is less than 0.05.
Values in the correlation table shows that there is a momentous affirmative association between accounts payable in days and sales of a firm.
Correlation table between variables regarding extent of a social network to be a viable source of information in medical field and willingness to consider opinions and information from social networks Correlations To what extent you consider your favorite social Pearson Correlation network is a viable source Sig.
A correlation table of T2SS is an m x n table in which the entry [mathematical expression not reproducible] is a resultant of [mathematical expression not reproducible] for all [mathematical expression not reproducible].
Firstly, it verifies ports and finds flows correlation table. Secondly, it uses correlation analysis detection model to detect and makes DPI and DFI identification.
From the above Correlation table, it is clear that some factors are closely related with each other.
With that knowledge in hand, consider the correlation table below.
Table 10: Correlation Table CD4 Total Protein CD4 Pearson Correlation,r 1 .270 (**) t 2.941 Sig.(2-tailed) .006 n 104 104 Total Pearson Correlation,r .270 (**) 1 Protein t 2.941 Sig.(2-tailed) .006 n 104 104 ** Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed).

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