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1. A cosmopolitan person: a true cosmopolite—a Renaissance man.
2. Ecology An organism found in most parts of the world.

[Greek kosmopolītēs : kosmos, world + polītēs, citizen (from polis, city; see pelə- in Indo-European roots).]

cos·mop′o·lit′ism (-lī-tĭz′əm, -lĭ-tĭz′-) n.
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(2) The novel has been discussed in terms of its posthumanist implications (Lovell 2018), postmodern (eco) cosmopolitism and cosmopolitics (Lee 2018; Usui 2015), trauma studies (Bernard 2017), postcolonialism (Beauregard 2015) and postmodern narratology (R.
In response, the progressive left has come up with counter-argument about immigration and progressive cosmopolitism, this factor has hardened the stance of Populist leaders and their followers and will result in a further polarisation of the politics.
Chapter 4 investigates how Chinese advertisers and ad agencies sell nationalism and cosmopolitism, through an in-depth examination of TV commercials and print ads.
> School of Paris (1900-1940), in partnership with Centre Pompidou, 12 September - 7 December 2019.The exhibition depicts the incredible dynamism and cosmopolitism of Paris in the first half of the 20 th Century, and the encounters of many foreign artists in the city nicknamed "Capital of the Arts".
Martin describes as "the general mood--away from cosmopolitism" and the emergence of a concept of "civilization of the spirit" brought Germany and Italy closer together during the 1930s and 1940s regarding this "internationalist" idea of a new Europe (79, 80, 114).
It was not until I fully understood Shih's claim of a pervasive "asymmetrical cosmopolitism" (Shih, "Towards" 5) between Western and non-Western scholars and Li's plea of the right to 'regionalized voices' in approaches to equality, that I started to recognize signs of unequal landscapes of discursive relations in academic Europe-China frameworks.
Cantle focuses on certain forms of cosmopolitism and the common identity in the broadest possible sense of the word.
Her research complements avenues of scholarship into black cosmopolitism and the use of ocean routes and Anglophone language as contact zones.
"The Many Faces of Cosmo-Polis: Border Thinking and Critical Cosmopolitism," Public Culture 12.3 (2000).
'Strangeness has been universalised' is how Bielsa (2016:50) puts it in his summary of the literature on the pervasive and sometimes uncanny nature of this encounter, theorizing that as the hold of borders over information and people becomes weaker the type of cosmopolitism that was once a hallmark of 'an intellectual elite has been generalised'.