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(Atomic Physics) a large synchrotron which was used for accelerating protons to high energies (of the order of 1 GeV)
[C20: from cosm(ic ray) + -tron]
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Noun1.cosmotron - a large proton synchrotron; uses frequency modulation of an electric field to accelerate protons
synchrotron - cyclotron in which the electric field is maintained at a constant frequency
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The space in which A Movie is projected is the most open of the exhibition's seven black boxes, so that the sound of Pines of Rome, especially the fortissimo brass finale, travels into adjacent rooms, where it mixes with the recorded sounds emanating from the multimedia assemblage Tick-Tock Jelly Clock Cosmotron, 1961, and floats over the early abstract paintings and an assortment of surreal assemblages from the late 1950s and '60s.
O letreiro na parte inferior da tela informa que a balada de pop rock foi gravada originalmente pela banda no album Cosmotron em 2003 e, por sugerir que cada um deve levar a vida como quiser, seria uma especie de "hino" do espirito brasileiro.
During filming at Brookhaven lab, we entered a building that had housed the "Cosmotron," an accelerator my father had worked on during the 1950s.