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adv. & adj.
Throughout a whole county: found at locations countywide; a countywide search.
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Adj.1.countywide - occurring or extending throughout a county; "a countywide war on drugs"; "countywide elections"
comprehensive - including all or everything; "comprehensive coverage"; "a comprehensive history of the revolution"; "a comprehensive survey"; "a comprehensive education"
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DuPage police form countywide task force to combat major crimes
ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of Science and Technology would take all the provinces on board for countywide implementation and accomplishment of STEM School Project.
The effort is inspired by the OneSpartanburg community assessment, showing residents believe an improved community appearance increases the health, safety and quality of life, along with the potential for countywide economic growth and development.
* a $3,000 litter control grant from WVDEP/REAP (for education/outreach and for the Countywide Cleanup being planned for spring 2017);
Lane County commissioners on Tuesday indicated that they back a proposal to raise to 21 from 18 the legal age for buying and using tobacco products countywide.
It looks like Erie County Republicans will turn to Amherst Assemblyman Raymond Walter to take on Democratic County Executive Mark Poloncarz in November after Chris Jacobs took himself out of consideration as a GOP candidate in what would have been his third countywide race in four years.
Residents will be able to use an Active Northumberland Card to access discounted activities in all its leisure facilities, while a new countywide online booking service has been introduced too.
This annual event is an opportunity for employees of Kinecta Federal Credit Union and its subsidiary Nix Financial to collaborate with more than 35 non-profit organizations and churches on a countywide effort to provide temporary relief to needy families.
In April, the Port's countywide economic development role expanded after Whatcom County Executive Jack Louws selected the Port to operate Whatcom County's Associate Development Organization (ADO).
As revealed, the council has confirmed it has reacted to criticism of its proposed library budget cuts by spreading the savings countywide.
Maureen Clare, Durham County Council's head of countywide services, "Never missing even half a day of primary or secondary school is a fantastic achievement and one we want to reward." The prize will include a tour of James' Park and a presentation dinner the winners and their families.