couple with

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1. Two items of the same kind together:
2. Two persons united, as by marriage:
1. To join one thing to another:
2. To bring or come together into a united whole:
3. To come or bring together in one's mind or imagination:
4. To engage in sexual relations with:
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The mayor assumed a stern, disapproving air, and his clerk looked up at the couple with malicious curiosity.
The Light Rail Transit Authority, through its Twitter account, announced that out of the thousands who rode the LRT this Friday, a college couple with the names John Mark and Alyssa and senior citizens Francisco and Clarita were some of the couples who won.
But in a November 1999 letter regarding a heterosexual unmarried couple with triplets, McCourt wrote that Black Jack officials and residents "do not believe that an unmarried couple having children residing in our community is an appropriate standard that they wish to approve."