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There, under the impenetrable ALIAS of the number of his bed, the crapulous being lay for some more days unconscious of all things, and of one thing in particular: that the police were after him.
Churchill's imprecation to his crapulous son, Randolph, not to interrupt when Churchill himself is interrupting is one of the many gems in this book.
Left on their own, the Army would have continued with the fabulously crapulous 1903 sight system, and all the other forged parts.
He describes the church in "American Epoch" as "teeming with life all day long; a continuous, dense crowd of all colours and conditions moving up to the altar rails and returning with their foreheads signed with ash." He compared these worshippers to the "draggled survivors of [Mardi Gras]" and the "crapulous tourists" in the hotel "planning their return journeys" (EAR 382).
ambit imbrication aulic meretricious crapulous rubric factitious squamous fuscous tendentious Edited by DAVID L.
Por poner un ejemplo, en el poema "Crapulous Impression" (p.
If you were said to be crapulous what would you be suffering from?