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She has sent messengers to his court with costly gifts; but all have returned sick for want of sunlight, weary and sad; we have watched over them, heedless of sun or shower, but still his dark spirits do their work, and we are left to weep over our blighted blossoms.
The girl was quiet, tall, and dark, and to many people she seemed very beauti- ful.
He bade me say to thee, "Let dark Cathullin yield."'
It's the will o' Them above as a many things should be dark to us; but there's some things as I've never felt i' the dark about, and they're mostly what comes i' the day's work.
It's very important!" said he to someone who had risen and was sniffing in the dark passage.
I wish we could find the dark well without so much trouble."
So named it was after our pretty little craft discovered it one dark night and left her bones upon it.
But two alternatives presented themselves: either to abandon the hope of making any discovery--or to attempt to penetrate Alban 's motives by means of pure guesswork, pursued in the dark.
Then it was as if an invisible yet intensely heated finger were drawn through the heather between me and the Martians, and all along a curving line beyond the sand pits the dark ground smoked and crackled.
It was that of a dark, thin man in a long black robe rather like a cassock; but the black cap on his head was of too strange a shape to be a biretta.
"It was just as if you were in some dark room, and some one waved a wet velvet cloak over your head--spooky like!
De Vac did not dare remain in this retreat until dark, as he had first intended.