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Noun1.dash-pot - a mechanical damper; the vibrating part is attached to a piston that moves in a chamber filled with liquid
damper, muffler - a device that decreases the amplitude of electronic, mechanical, acoustical, or aerodynamic oscillations
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The comparison of displacement results between the elastic and viscoelastic models with different dash-pot parameters between buildings is presented in Figure 7, where the values of [C.sub.1], [E.sub.1], [E.sub.2], and E* are 4 x [10.sup.7] Pa * s, 2 x [10.sup.8] Pa, 2 x [10.sup.8] Pa, and 1 x [10.sup.8] Pa, respectively.
Caption: Figure 6: Pounding force time-history with different dash-pot parameters during one pounding process for (a) [C.sub.1] = 4 x [10.sup.3] Pa-s and (b) [C.sub.1] = 4 x [10.sup.4] Pa-s.
* Description of the temperature-dependent flow behavior of the spring-dash-pot elements: Each dash-pot gets a "flow line," which describes the flow stress as a function of the temperature.