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 (də-shē′kē) also dai·shi·ki (dī-)
n. pl. da·shi·kis
A loose, brightly colored, patterned tunic worn especially in West Africa.

[Yoruba dàńṣíkí, from Hausa dán cíkí.]
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(dɑːˈʃiːkɪ) ,




(Clothing & Fashion) a large loose-fitting buttonless upper garment worn esp by Black people in the US, Africa, and the Caribbean
[C20: of W African origin]
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(dəˈʃi ki, dɑ-)

also daishiki

n., pl. -kis.
a loose, often colorfully patterned pullover garment of African origin.
[1965–1970; < Yoruba dàńṣíkí < Hausa dán cíkí (with imploded d)]
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A large, loose garment for the upper body, originally from Africa.
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Noun1.dashiki - a loose and brightly colored African shirt
shirt - a garment worn on the upper half of the body
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There droves of people decked in florals, dashiki, tie-dye, and all sorts of" mad" costumes converge, each carrying water guns loaded to shoot, not spray, everyone they meet on the street.
That's followed by the Transformation Challenge, as the sewers take on a garment from West Africa, the Dashiki. This colourful, strikinglypatterned men's tunic must be transformed into a new outfit in 90 minutes, making imaginative use of the Dashiki's distinctive, bold print.
Dressed in a light brown dashiki and a red peak cap, he was created warmly by the guests already seated for the event in the hall before taking his seat at the front row.
Furthermore, Ms Modimoopelo had resorted to making clothes out of Dashiki, Ankara and African prints with a modern twist as with time many people have shown interest and appreciated her line of business.
The determining factor in the wrongness or rightness of a non-African-American wearing Swahili plaits, or a dashiki for that matter, should be sought in why and how they do it.
Standing tall and wearing a wide smile, his lemon yellow dashiki covered in little elephant prints is what first catches my eye.
Stylish dashiki. He wasn't everywhere, of course; this was only my perception.
in a dashiki gripping an ill-fitting kufi from which a fountain of gestural black brushstrokes erupts.
"He trained as a director and started the Dashiki Project Theatre, which did a lot of contemporary theater that was adapted to be black theater."
The speaker is content to observe this curious sight, relying on the reader's knowledge of the city to fill in the affect that would issue from seeing the kid, on the West Side, "in a red dashiki." (21) Another Bradford poem, "On First Digging Salaam," is less about making a local observation than about marking a local occasion.