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1. Audacious and gallant; spirited: a dashing young actor.
2. Marked by showy elegance; splendid: a dashing sports car.

dash′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.dashingly - in a highly fashionable manner; "he was dashingly handsome"
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[ˈdæʃɪŋlɪ] ADV [behave] → gallardamente, arrojadamente; [dress] → garbosamente
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He would meet the girl again on the promenade, he told himself, dashingly renew the acquaintance, show her that he was not the gaping idiot he had appeared.
The shaft-horse, with his tightly bound tail under his decorated breechband, galloped smoothly and briskly; the smooth road seemed to run rapidly backwards, while the driver dashingly shook the reins.
Apart from being the voice of reason that steers me back to the straight and narrow whenever I stray, she has also been a good woman and wise wife at home: cooking, washing my many green Kaunda suits, taking care of our children, and ensuring that I look dashingly admirable.
Dashingly handsome, he relieved the tensions of leading a life of deception and betrayal with wild motorbike rides, serial seduction and evenings of paralytic alcoholism.
Both of these birds may be regarded as "summertime birds" although the swallow surely epitomises that description more dashingly than the osprey.
Now I should point out that we are talking about a very lovely 29-year-old lad - well mannered, dashingly handsome, kind, humorous and talented.
Although happily married, Zeta and Valencienne spend relatively little time together: most of Valenciennes stage time is given to fending off the not-entirely-unwanted advances of the dashingly earnest Camille de Rosillon, sung with his trademark ringing tones by Edmonton-born tenor John Tessier.
Rumaihi and Vivaldi K indeed were dashingly different from the pack as the duo sailed smooth and swift in the Grand Prix: World Cup Competition | Two Rounds FEI Art.
Trained by William Haggas and dashingly ridden by Colm O'Donoghue, One Master got home by a half-length from Mick Channon's Dan's Dream (Billy Lee) with Ship Of Dreams faring best of the Irish-trained fillies in third spot.
Caption: This dashingly suave position doesn't make a great photo op but it does get your line-of-sight over a bush or rock.
Summary: New Delhi [U.S.A.], June 12 (ANI): The makers have dropped a new poster of 'For Here Or To Go' and the lead actor, Ali Fazal, looks dashingly uncertain on it.
Like Wills, Harry is expected to walk down the aisle looking dashingly handsome in his Royal Marines dress uniform.