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n.1.(Biol.) The division of that which is morphologically one organ into two or more, as the division of an organ of a plant into a pair or cluster.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Powered by Broadcom's industry-leading Stingray system on chip (SoC) with hardware accelerators for RAID, De-dupe and security, the 50Gbps Glass Creek adapter delivers breakthrough performance of 1 million IOPS in a standard full-height, half-length (FHHL) PCIe card form factor.
Favorite and least favorite e-discovery jargon words: Favorite: efficiency, sampling, hot docs (because I always hear it as "hot dogs"), "de-dupe" is fun to say.
"We have built two identical systems in two data centres, and we de-dupe, we do replication, and we backup to tape from the other site.
Summary: CommVault's CEO Bob Hammer recently declared the era of target de-dupe appliances to be over: "They are a band aid and will fade away over time."
"Now you have to store and back up all of those, which leads to a huge amount of redundancy."<p>Symantec already offers de-duplication in its NetBackup and Enterprise Vault products, which bring de-dupe to archiving, backup and remote office backup.
Storage vendors hyped ever larger 'de-dupe' ratios in an effort to show technological superiority.
With Jigsaw Clean, Fowler is addressing three key data problems: finding incomplete information, eliminating dead data ("We'll beautify and de-dupe it and add a good phone number," according to Fowler), and keeping data clean.
Stephen Ebanks, information and sales manager at Birmingham Hippodrome, said: "Using WinPure Clean & Match to de-dupe and clean our lists means the quality of our data is vastly improved before going to our mailing house, which reduces costs.
“Because of features like the custom DataPump Engine and high-performance de-dupe, many other flash solutions will be hard pressed to match the IOPS/$ of ViSX G4,” concluded the Taneja Group report.
If you add de-dupe to the mix, you can store the same capacity in only 28 TB of disk at 20:1, and just cut a tape copy once a month.
NetApp was smart to walk away from the bidding war, but may still attempt to acquire another de-dupe vendor, says Deni Connor, principal analyst with Storage Strategies Now.