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n.1.(Biol.) The division of that which is morphologically one organ into two or more, as the division of an organ of a plant into a pair or cluster.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Melissa Data components for PDI perform the following functions on Hadoop data: profiling; verification; de-duping; merge/purge; householding; parsing; standardizing; and enriching with geographic, demographic, and firmographic information.
It's also important to note that deduplication is faster and more affordable when extraneous records are matched using incremental de-duping operations, handled in real time as data is entered.
AccuZIP can now provide end-to-end mail processing features (presorting, address standardization, de-duping and more).
Others say de-duping data will save expenses related to litigation by reducing the total store of information that must be preserved and/or reviewed by legal counsel.
In addition, de-duping technology reduces the space required to maintain multiple versions, avoiding excess storage costs and increasing synchronisation speeds.
In fact, Kim Leonard, Stamats' Database Marketing director, says that list management involves compiling, cleansing, segmenting, merging, de-duping, and migrating data.
Worldata/WebConnect's divisions include: List Brokerage services for both postal direct mail and opt-in e-mail programs; Database Marketing services, which include file enhancement and profiling, zip-level modeling, list maintenance, merge-purge, de-duping, list hygiene, data mining, creation of centralized data warehouse, and implementation of a sophisticated marketing database; and List Management, which helps publishers structure a profit center via the controlled rental of their customer lists.
Or worse, a critical task doesn't happen at all (e.g., NCOA or de-duping).
The CENIT Advanced Logfile Adaptor (CALA)replaces the standard Tivoli Logfile adaptor where necessary and overcomes these problems by processing events at source, invoking simplifications including event de-duping, similar event de-duping and escalation/de-escalation.
However, due to the complexities of serial entry verification and the necessary de-duping activity that is required to maintain the database as a whole, serial holdings records may not (at present) be added via tape.
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, April 17, 2010 --( As part of the release of Datamaker[TM] version 2.5D, Grid-Tools have launched a sophisticated de-duping and matching module with the ability to generate high-quality 'incorrect' data containing duplicates for systems testing.