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pl n
(Zoology) waste products excreted through the anus; faeces
[C19: New Latin: things cast down; see deject]


(ˈɛk skrə mənt)

waste matter discharged from the body, esp. feces.
[1525–35; < Latin excrēmentum=excrē-, variant s. of excernere + -mentum -ment]
ex`cre•men′tous (-ˈmɛn təs) adj.
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But it also happens on the level of meaning: She presents, for example, refuse as a new commodity (in the "Dejecta" series, 2016), or she makes her camera the subject of a film (Operator, Carl dis/assembling w/ self, 2013).
Gentry Lycianthes dejecta H NCM MX, P (Fernald) Bitter Lycianthes peduncularis H CM P (Schltdl.) Bitter Nicotiana glauca Graham AU CV Petunia parviflora Juss.
In fact, the diagnosis is established only when the mite, its eggs, or dejecta are present in the examined CSSS.