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Give 'm a fair chance, an' if he don't deliver the goods, I'll kill 'm myself.
We've sold ourselves for a hundred bucks, an' we gotta deliver the goods.
There were barrels of money for the use of those who could deliver the goods; and Jurgis might count upon Mike Scully, who had never yet gone back on a friend.
He had still to deliver the goods and draw the cash.
Police suspected he was preparing to deliver the goods to local distributors.
F - Terms: where the seller is called upon to deliver the goods to a carrier appointed by the buyer.
'Following an investigation it was found that the vessel 'Mutiara Kargo 3' has been scheduled to deliver the goods to a resort in Tioman Island, Pahang, this morning.
The Boys in Green had defeated Indonesia 6-5 on penalties in the semis after a goalless draw but were unable to deliver the goods from the spot this time around as Uzbekistan got their hands on the trophy.
You will be entitled to a refund if the trader does not deliver the goods during "an additional period of time appropriate to the circumstances".
WWAALLEESS vv SSOOUUTTHH AAFFRRIICCAA:: PPAAGGEESS 4466,, 4477 MIKE PHILLIPS has been backed to put a torrid few weeks behind him and deliver the goods for Wales against South Africa.