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Noun1.democratisation - the action of making something democratic
group action - action taken by a group of people
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Kadir Jasin and social activist Hishamuddin Rais for questioning about public funds spent on the Royal institution, Suhakam Chairman Tan Sri Razali Ismail said no issue should be sacrosanct in the context of our democratisation.
Following a short-lived interlude in the wake of the "Arab Spring", when the focus of Middle East research was democratisation, civil liberties and people empowerment, the attention of the leading research centers across the Western world are today firmly focused on the surge of radical organisations, such as Daesh.
The projects will focus on such areas as human rights, democratisation and citizens' participation in decision-making on economic development.
The most recent step in Turkey's top-down democratisation process has drawn positive reactions in Brussels and Strasbourg.
Benomar said that his visit was an answer to an invitation from the Tunisian government to discuss the UN contribution to the democratisation process in Tunisia, notably in the organisation of free and fair elections.
This edited volume brings together 23 articles by various authors who examine different aspects of European democratisation under four headings: Concepts, Practices, Changes and Contexts.
Nigeria's democratisation in the 1990s was a civil and international movement to free Nigeria from over 20 years of authoritarian military rule.
Democratisation in Turkey; the role of political parties.
It was, he argued, characterised by politicisation, democratisation, ideologisation and an overall greater sense of historical time in which concepts became more dynamic.
This analytical volume of the Maghreb's highly erratic encounter with democratisation in recent years can be read on three levels: