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"Un de, ma bonne demoiselle!" exclaimed the woman to whom the thimble was offered for sale; this is so common an article as scarcely to command any price.
hale a demoiselle against her will, and then loose dogs at his own brother!
"I hight the Demoiselle Alisande la Carteloise, an it please you."
To-day it is a morality made expressly for Madame the Demoiselle of Flanders."
"Quel nom a cetter jeune demoiselle en les pantoulles jolis?"
Really, that Demoiselle d'Aubigne is very charming!"
To mingle our careless talk with the song of the birds among the dewy leaves, to smile at each other as we gazed on the sky, to turn our steps slowly homewards at the sound of the bell that always rings too soon, to admire together some little detail in the landscape, to watch the fitful movements of an insect, to look closely at a gleaming demoiselle fly--the delicate creature that resembles an innocent and loving girl; in such ways as these are not one's thoughts drawn daily a little higher?
"Ah, she is an industrious little demoiselle. And pretty too.
Each had formed a plan to marry the Demoiselle Cormon, whom Monsieur de Valois had mentioned to Suzanne.
I well recollect that my eye rested on the green door of a rather large house opposite, where, on a brass plate, was inscribed, "Pensionnat de Demoiselles." Pensionnat!
But don't let me talk of misery now; time enough when it comes; ces demoiselles have gone to join the serried ranks of their amiable predecessors.
Most of the young demoiselles are robed in a cloud of white from head to foot, though many trick themselves out more elaborately.