dense blazing star

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Noun1.dense blazing star - perennial of southeastern and central United States having very dense spikes of purple flowers; often cultivated for cut flowers
gayfeather, gay-feather, snakeroot, blazing star, button snakeroot - any of various North American plants of the genus Liatris having racemes or panicles of small discoid flower heads
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The dense blazing star or Liatris spicata is a kind of perennial wildflower mostly seen in purple, red or white and can grow as tall as two meters.
Having the similar color of purple, a dense blazing star is often mistaken for lavender, said local mayor Li Cheng-chi.
As Autumn begins to set foot in Taiwan, a kind of purple wildflowers called dense blazing stars are now blossoming in Central Taiwan, turning a farmland into a magnificent purple sea.