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1. Mental or bodily distress.
2. Something that disturbs one's comfort; an annoyance.
tr.v. dis·com·fort·ed, dis·com·fort·ing, dis·com·forts
To make uncomfortable; distress.

[Middle English, from Old French desconfort, from desconforter, to discourage : des-, dis- + conforter, to strengthen; see comfort.]

dis·com′fort·a·ble (-kŭm′fər-tə-bəl, -kŭmf′tə-bəl, -kŭmf′tər-) adj.
dis·com′fort·ing·ly adv.
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making one uncomfortable or uneasy; disquieting
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The brawling, drinking habits of the time were even more discomforting. An angry word, passed one April evening of 1682 between the son of Sir Edward Dering and a hot- blooded young [85] Welshman, led to recrimination and sword-drawing.
Then the long delay began to be positively discomforting, and relations and guests tried to look as if they were not thinking of the bridegroom but were engrossed in conversation.