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tr.v. dis·em·ployed, dis·em·ploy·ing, dis·em·ploys
To cause (someone) to lose employment.

dis′em·ploy′ment n.
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vb (tr)
to remove (a person) from employment
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And as the steadily increasing burdens imposed on private enterprise depress the production and exchange of goods and services far and wide, disemploying men and deepening the poverty and misery of the masses, the demands on the public servants increase in complexity and number, driving those worthy individuals to distraction and fury in their futile attempts to please everybody and to counteract the inevitable effects of their ingenious schemes of taxation, restriction and regulation.
It is easy to fall into our preprogrammed habit of boss bashing instead of looking at who gets out of bed every morning with the expressed purpose of disemploying you: your competition.
In other words, disemploying the working poor, such as the mothers who live in the centro day-to-day and work in the clubs and the young men who sell goods from moving carts, is the city's preferred tactic for dealing with crime in a city suffering historically high levels of unemployment.