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tr.v. dis·em·pow·ered, dis·em·pow·er·ing, dis·em·pow·ers
To deprive of power or influence.

dis′em·pow′er·ment n.
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[ˌdɪsɪmˈpaʊərmənt] nperte d'autonomie f
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"I hope that by tackling such a sensitive subject matter we can raise awareness of the importance of changing societal values so that both women and men's rights to live free from abuse, invasion, disempowerment and intimidation are respected."
We are distraught that the people of this beleaguered land, who have lived with violence and political disempowerment for decades, have now been subjected to a further erosion of their rights under the intensified military suppression for the last ten days," the signatories said.
The social welfare officer said the center was providing services to women in distress, including counseling to cope with stress, legal guidance and legal aid, temporary/immediate shelter, free medical aid for victims of violence, psychological assessment and counseling, crisis management and safety planning and creating financial literacy for ending cycle of disempowerment.
It feeds precisely on economic disempowerment. Ever wonder why we remain poor?
Furthermore, he said it was disturbing that the rich continued to benefit from unscrupulous maneuvers for economic power and disempowerment of the workers.
Speaking during the lecture titled: 'Multi-Party Democracy and the Politics of Disempowerment in Nigeria' Akeredolu said the obvious lack of capacity, evident in infrastructural deficits, and the near-total dependence on foreign experts to fix them, cast doubt on the utilitarian value of the nation's education system.
They address theories related to gender issues within the context of development, how women have been the architects of their own disempowerment, women contributors to African independence, the connection between gender and corruption in governance, school gender-based violence as a key development issue and human rights imperative, an adult literacy campaign for women in South Africa, women migrant laborers in post-apartheid South Africa, and gender inequality in Nigeria.
Urging people to vote, he said people could not complain of disempowerment in society if they did not cast their vote in the general elections 2018.
Urging people to vote, he said people could not complain of disempowerment in society if they did not cast their vote in the general elections 2018.To another query, he said the caretaker government was determined to hold the elections as the elections 2018 was necessary for the progress and solidarity of the country.
The Sultan also noted that youth disempowerment, financial uncertainty, political turmoil and global warming were just some of the serious issues which must be addressed quickly if the world was to have a future at all.