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tr.v. dis·e·quil·i·brat·ed, dis·e·quil·i·brat·ing, dis·e·quil·i·brates
To upset the equilibrium of (the economy, for example); unbalance.

dis′e·quil′i·bra′tion n.
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vb (tr)
to remove equilibrium from
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This will be viewed by investors as disequilibrating competitive behavior that increases ambiguity (Mosakowski, 1997) and induces higher states of strategic disequilibrium (D'Aveni, 1999).
They responded to the comment that cross-border investments flows would be disequilibrating with the comment that these investors would lose money and be replaced by stabilizing speculators (Friedman 1953).
Given partial reversion, in the long run, 62% (55 bps) and 38% (34 bps) of the initial shock are permanent and transitory respectively lending support to Hypothesis 1 and providing evidence of the disequilibrating association of ETF flows and the underlying returns.
Cheng, "Survival or death: disequilibrating the oncogenic and tumor suppressive autophagy in cancer," Cell Death & Disease, vol.
Recounting David's crude comment is disequilibrating, but when compounded by his mother's accounts of physical and verbal abuse in the home, it is understandable why several PSTs emerged from the Summers simulation exclaiming, "I'm not sure if I did that right!" and "Did I do OK in there?" When their simulations concluded, most PSTs sought immediate feedback.
Potentially Disequilibrating Factors.--Pathologist Sup ply.--Although our model assumes that, in 2010, the supply of pathologists equals
Naturally, the free market rate was equilibrating the balance of payments but disequilibrating the current account, resulting in great uncertainty and misleading information to the producers of tradables.
eds., 1987) (observing that, "[b]y definition, a transition period such as adolescence is disequilibrating and disrupting and thus replete with opportunities that are both dangerous and growth enhancing").
To support PSTs as they learn to take action, make decisions, and analyze consequences, teacher educators need to reduce the complexity of complex practice (Grossman & McDonald, 2008) and guide PSTs through the disequilibrating transition from preparation to induction (Korthagen & Kessels, 1999).
He and La Pietra shared an ethos of eclectic design, which privileged behavior over objects, and together the two shot the short film La grande occasione (The Big Break), 1973, in the empty spaces of the Milan Triennale--a temple of design where La Pietra's exhibition "Disequilibrating Design" is on view through February 15.
Such errors can be disequilibrating, leading to divergence instead of convergence, but when many heterogeneous agents are simultaneously striving to grasp profit opportunities, such divergence is likely to be short-lived, and error-correction processes will be robust.
become spatially disequilibrating, and economies of scale and