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Among them, they brought the word 'cynic' into disfavor so deep that any book bearing it was discredited in advance of publication."
Time and the disfavor of persons dwelling thereabout are converting it into a rather picturesque ruin.
For it stands to reason that as Joseph's splendid financial ingenuities advantaged nobody but the king, the general public must have regarded him with a good deal of disfavor, whereas I had done my entire public a kindness in sparing the sun, and was popular by reason of it.
Louise won the disfavor of the two Hardy girls, Mary and Harriet, by her application to her studies in school.
Nicholas Bolkonski's son need not serve under anyone if he is in disfavor. Now come here."
She, however, was called out by some netizens on Twitter who reminded her that she expressed her disfavor for transgender women joining Miss Universe in July 2018.
Religious freedom is either rigorously equal, or it becomes an instrument of those in power to favor or disfavor religions of their choice.
As the war progresses in Germany's disfavor, the risks of a being food taster pale before the peril of an enemy army.
"I am concerned when government agencies use their power to try to cut off financial services for lawful businesses they may disfavor," he wrote.
Banks "should not deny financial services to customers they disfavor," according to the senator.
Critics of the amendment argued that it was a violation of religious freedom because it targeted and discriminated against Muslims by showing government disfavor against the religion.
Statements of Trump and his advisers made clear that his executive order amounted to an attempt to disfavor Muslims, Watson wrote.