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tr.v. dis·fran·chised, dis·fran·chis·ing, dis·fran·chis·es
1. To deprive of a privilege, immunity, or right of citizenship, especially the right to vote; disenfranchise.
2. To deprive (a corporation, for example) of a privilege or franchise.

dis·fran′chise′ment (-chīz′mənt, -chĭz-) n.
dis·fran′chis′er n.
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Adj.1.disfranchised - deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote; "labor was voiceless"; "disenfrenchised masses took to the streets"
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The idea to establish shelter homes to provide lodging facility to the poor, needy and homeless citizens; launch of Punjab Ehsas Program to provide necessary socio-economic protection to the disfranchised sections of society all are ample proof of the government's firm resolve to put the country on the right track.
LikeAwise, the government has launched the 'Punjab Ehsas Program' to provide necAessary socio-economic protection to the disfranchised sections of society.
It, however, faces a myriad of challenges, including pests and diseases, recurrent and prolonged droughts and disfranchised markets.
The Senate Chairman said that upper house of the parliament represents federation, adding that the house would continue to raise the voice of the federating units in an effective manner so that disfranchised segments of the society could be brought into the national mainstream of development.
He said that launch of Punjab Ehsas programme had been planned on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide necessary socioeconomic protection to the disfranchised sections of society.
Ms Sibanda said the association was to lobby and advocate for vulnerable and small hold farmers, whom at most times were economically disfranchised.
Poroye observed that the omission of the party's logo on the ballot paper disfranchised many of the party's members and supporters during the election, saying all the party loyalists could not vote for the party's senatorial candidate, Dr Dipo Fatogun, in the election.
LAHORE -- Chief Minister Usman Buzdar announced on Thursday launching a new social protection policy aimed at improving the quality of life of the disfranchised segments of society.
He pointed out that in a country where 85% of the population is disfranchised and huge disparity exists very little choices left for poor population.
"No one will be allowed to create hurdles in the journey of development and prosperity and the government sides with the feeble and disfranchised segments of the society.
Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said that they would move towards new destinations by working hard and improving quality of life of the disfranchised communities is our important agenda,' the chief minister concluded.
While addressing the meeting, Farah Masood emphasized that it is satisfying that PEF has an important roleto uplift education-promotion in the disfranchised segments of the society and to spread the light of knowledge