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n. disgerminoma, tumor maligno del ovario.
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It may still be difficult to diagnosis the nature of tumours preoperatively in some cases and definite diagnosis are made postoperatively by histopathological evaluation as in our patient.5 In our case, the preoperative diagnosis was an abdominal hydatid cyst or an ovarian mass (disgerminoma).
The main tumors which cause to hypercalcemia by releasing parathyroid hormone-like protein include squamous cell tumors of the lung, head and neck, renal cell carcinoma, adult type T cell leukemia and disgerminoma (1).
En este grupo de tumores de celulas germinales, tambien estan el disgerminoma, el tumor de seno endodermico, el carcinoma embrionario, el coriocarcinoma, el gonadoblastoma y los tumores de celulas germinales de los cordones sexuales del estroma[1].
Las 2 perras con diagnostico de Disgerminoma presentaron ascitis, inapetencia y perdida de peso.
Este anticorpo marca celulas tumorais germinativas malignas, especialmente disgerminoma e os carcinomas embrionarios (RABBAN et al., 2010).