drink off


w>drink off

vt sepaustrinken, leeren; he drank off the wine in one long gulper trank den Wein in einem Zug aus
References in classic literature ?
When she poured herself out her usual dose of opium, and thought that she had only to drink off the whole bottle to die, it seemed to her so simple and easy, that she began musing with enjoyment on how he would suffer, and repent and love her memory when it would be too late.
He had the child before his eyes, on a hundred different days when he remembered George after dinner, when he used to come in as bold as a lord and drink off his glass by his father's side, at the head of the table--on the pony at Brighton, when he cleared the hedge and kept up with the huntsman--on the day when he was presented to the Prince Regent at the levee, when all Saint James's couldn't produce a finer young fellow.
Monday morning, it's just not accepted if there's a smell of drink off anybody.
After being arrested, Williams initially denied striking the pensioner and claimed Mr Parry had taken the drink off him and it had hit his face accidentally.
I was embarrassed that she took the drink off me and I was slurring my words a bit.
Reed rued dropping his bottle of power drink off his bike in one of the humps and opted not to stop to get it back in fear of losing precious time.
For example, someone who has been drinking bright Tiki drinks sees a tall purple drink with leafy greens on top and orders that drink off of how it looks.
The alcoholics will still get their money for their drink off the government, all pubs will go to the wall and we will end up with god only knows.
I lie awake at night worrying while she's lying next to me, snoring the drink off and preventing me from getting to sleep.
| The person who tramples all over a large round right in the middle of it (and before he/she has got one in) by accepting a drink off someone he/ she bumps into in the pub, which then causes him/her to suddenly abandon the round he/she had been in.
Although it has not been on the menu in two years, you can still order this drink off the Starbucks secret menu.
"I took the drink off him and poured it into a glass and spotted the insects.