drinking bout

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Noun1.drinking bout - a long period of drinking
boozing, crapulence, drink, drinking, drunkenness - the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess; "drink was his downfall"
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He often wished he had himself a son with such parts; and one day very solemnly asserted at a drinking bout, that Tom should hunt a pack of hounds for a thousand pound of his money, with any huntsman in the whole country.
Now decide for yourself, as you know best, whether you need go in for a drinking bout or not."
But he never settled down anywhere for long because about twice a year, or even oftener, he had a drinking bout, and then besides spending all his clothes on drink he became turbulent and quarrelsome.
On the way Pierre remembered that Anatole Kuragin was expecting the usual set for cards that evening, after which there was generally a drinking bout, finishing with visits of a kind Pierre was very fond of.
But when the watchman gave no reply, the merry roysterer, who was now returning home from a noisy drinking bout, took it into his bead to try what a tweak of the nose would do, on which the supposed sleeper lost his balance, the body lay motionless, stretched out on the pavement: the man was dead.
Every sign of a bad drinking bout, I was saying to myself, feeling quite amused at the notions of that Franklin.
It need not be said that he did not speak of his love to any of his comrades, nor did he betray his secret even in the wildest drinking bouts (though indeed he was never so drunk as to lose all control of himself).
The beer frolic, however, passed off without any untoward circumstance; and, unlike most drinking bouts, left neither headache nor heartache behind.
As my drinking grew heavier, I began to note more and more that it was in the drinking bouts the purple passages occurred.
One day the Philippine National Bank manager, who had become his friend, convinced him while he was tipsy from their drinking bout, to buy the remaining 2,000 shares of the government public offerings.
No wonder, a rich buff in the trade, deeply engrossed in his drinking bout, was overheard boasting, 'Money is everywhere.
Provincial police crime office chief Duong Sivutha said yesterday that the suspect Uch Channa, 24, killed disabled Chhit Khvan, 56, after a drinking bout at the victim's house.