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Noun1.drippage - a liquid (as water) that flows in drops (as from the eaves of house)drippage - a liquid (as water) that flows in drops (as from the eaves of house)
flow, flowing - the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases)
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Included are functional and nutrient-dense nut milk and three flavors of its non-dairy creamers in its recently launched 750-milliliter curvy, grippable PET bottle, which is designed with a spout intended to solve the problem of drippage and over/under pouring.
Earlier this year, I called Trump's ideal event a "gray swan", as opposed to a black one - meaning that he wants a constant drippage of stuff that makes both Hillary and the larger elite seem clueless, feckless or corrupt, but not the kind of huge crisis that would change the basic shape of the campaign or make him seem like an untenable risk.
The latter will guarantee only one outcome: unsightly crumbling accompanied by likely drippage. Also, experience leads me to caution against applying a pop technique to a bite-sized canape.
I check the date, I check the calendar, I recall the endless weeks of drippage.
There are also other pad options, like plate-and-frame systems, but I'm not a fan of how much wine you lose to drippage with plate and frame.
There is no drippage on to the floor because of its very light viscosity.
There is no edge effect and no drippage. A specially designed manifold uniformly distributes material to all eight tips, maintaining a consistent performance after millions of dispensing cycles.