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Noun1.driver's licence - a license authorizing the bearer to drive a motor vehicle
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
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Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has said that officials of the corps may impound any vehicle if an erring traffic offender is arrested and unable to produce his or her driver's licence or vehicle papers at the point of arrest.
'For emphasis sake and to avoid ambiguity or confusion among our motoring public, part of the reasons why a vehicle may be impounded is if an erring offender is arrested and unable to produce his or her driver's licence or vehicle papers at the point of arrest', he said.
This penalty was further intensified by Article 1 Section 56 of the Revised Penal Code, which states that a motorist attempting to use or using a fake driver's licence will be fined not more than P3,000 or will be imprisoned up to six months.
Summary: Chinese driver's licence now replaceable in Dubai
Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has added China to the list of countries excluded from the light driver's licence replacement tests.
Transport minister Marios Demetriades explained that the new driver's licence will be harder to counterfeit and that they will be updated in regular intervals.
Kolettas clarified that the new driver's licence will bear a picture of the owner, as well standardised information that would be easily recognisable in all EU countries.
"I was always scared working that job because the entire time I was driving their mini-van, I never had a driver's licence," he said.
The Union stated firstly that the Employee's work had not undergone a change and accordingly, no ground for the demand of a driver's licence existed for continued employment.
This refers to the letter by the Indian expat calling officials to accept his Indian driver's licence.
The RTA's Licensing Agency said that it had approved four optical shops providing driver's licence eye tests to also renew the driver's licence at the same time if the clients wished.