duck hunting

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hunting, hunt - the pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport
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"This is a beautiful publication about the tradition and business of duck hunting, from the opening portraits of unusual hunting dogs through the back of the book.
And the duck hunting even in this dry year was hotter than most will ever see.
Fazlur Rahman of Booni village said that duck hunting was a popular pastime of the people of Chitral who carried out hunting not only in the river water, but they had also raised artificial lakes to lure the birds to them for hunting.
The diver duck hunting in our region is as good as it gets in January and it usually doesn't take long for straight shooters to find their limits.
We went there to buy shotguns and ammunition to be used in the upcoming duck hunting season.
Nothing beats the camaraderie of duck hunting and the fun to be had calling a flock of ducks to your spread.
On Long Island, sea duck hunting is a deep-rooted tradition.
Another Delta-based duck hunting lodge is Mallard Manor, which offers a comprehensive service for outdoor enthusiasts.
He said, 'It's like duck hunting, you need to aim ahead of the target, otherwise you miss.'
"Weatherby shares Delta Waterfowl's passion for promoting duck hunting and conservation, now and into the future," said Adam Weatherby, executive VP/COO.