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I would have two arms, if it was me, though instead of hands they'd only got hooks at the end, like our dustman!'
'But listen,' pursued the Golden Dustman; 'hear me out, Wegg.
'I think, my dear,' said the Golden Dustman, 'I'll at once get rid of Wegg for the night, because he's coming to inhabit the Bower, and it might be put into his head or somebody else's, if he heard this and it got about that the house is haunted.
and so the dustman says, I believe, with the strongest approval, and so does the marine-store shop in the back street.
There's a dustman downstairs, Alfred Doolittle, wants to see you.
Alfred Doolittle is an elderly but vigorous dustman, clad in the costume of his profession, including a hat with a back brim covering his neck and shoulders.
As I had not seen Peepy on the occasion of our last call (when he was not to be found anywhere, and when the cook rather thought he must have strolled away with the dustman's cart), I now inquired for him again.
Mr Rugg's enjoyment of embarrassed affairs was like a housekeeper's enjoyment in pickling and preserving, or a washerwoman's enjoyment of a heavy wash, or a dustman's enjoyment of an overflowing dust- bin, or any other professional enjoyment of a mess in the way of business.
We are all getting liberal now; and (provided you can scratch me, if I scratch you) what do I care, in or out of Parliament, whether you are a Dustman or a Duke?
A 45-year-old dustman is in serious condition in hospital after sustaining injuries when a drunken driver crashed into the rubbish track the man was on, early morning in Limassol.
I know that not one dustman would put the residents of any highrise tower at risk.