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adv. Archaic
1. Soon afterward; presently.
2. Once again.

[From Middle English eftsone, from Old English eftsōna : eft, again; see apo- in Indo-European roots + sōna, soon.]
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1. soon afterwards
2. repeatedly
[Old English eft sōna, literally: afterwards soon]
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References in classic literature ?
unhand me, grey-beard loon!" Eftsoons his hand dropt he.
That will I tell eftsoons." Then she said musingly, and softly, turn- ing the words daintily over her tongue: "Hang they out -- hang they out -- where hang -- where do they hang out; eh, right so; where do they hang out.
I do think of Coleridge's ancient mariner who, having been ordered by the wedding guest to release him--"eftsoons his hand dropt he" fixes him with his glittering eye and just tells his story.
and then, eftsoons, impatient as he is, rave, roar, and lay about him like a mad man, thump her sides, drag her about ...
whereupon also, we eftsoons began to speak both of us but one and the selfsame thing: and (which is more) being now knit together in one mind and one judgment concerning these several matters, we determined forthwith to put down in writing, whatsoever had deliberately passed between us." (6)
The Justice Department wants SIU to cease and desist eftsoons and right speedily or face a lawsuit.
But after that Dionysius by their incitation had expelled Plato out of Sicily, they abandoned their habit and severity, and eftsoons returned to their mischievous and voluptuous living" (155).
It starts by denouncing Mary's Act by which 'your humble subjects were eftsoons (ie, for a second time) brought under an usurped foreign power and authority.' It goes on to say that 'jurisdictions...as by any spiritual or ecclesiastical power or authority hath heretofore been or may lawfully be used for the visitation of the ecclesiastical state and persons...shall forever be united and annexed to the imperial Crown of this realm.' You can't say it more clearly than that.