egg case

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egg case

1. A protective capsule that contains eggs, produced by certain insects, mollusks, and elasmobranch fishes.
2. See egg sac.
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(ˌoʊ əˈθi kə)

n., pl. -cae (-sē).
a case or capsule containing eggs, as that of certain insects and mollusks.
[1850–55; < New Latin; see oo-, theca]
o`o•the′cal, adj.
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protecting its egg case on the underside of a nettle leaf (Fig.
The affidavit by Lee, the FBI agent, in the Happy Egg case provided some insight into how that scam worked.
Turns out there was an egg case hiding under a branch of one American woman's Christmas tree.
Skate egg cases appearing in observer samples are counted and recorded simply as skate egg case unidentified, regardless of species or condition.
* As such, retailers and manufacturers are working to enhance the fresh egg case with premium offerings that present the staple in new formats, such as peeled, microwavable and even plant-based.
It might not be a walnut, but a praying mantis's egg case.
'Baby-sharks hatch from an egg case if they're a species that's oviparous, others they're born from eggs within Mommy Sharks,' Bustos sang.
Mermaid purses and what they really are, as well as information regarding that some pups develop inside the mom shark's body while others are expelled as eggs in an egg case to develop and hatch at a later date is included.
As brands have grown in a category long dominated by private label, so, too, have competition and confusion, with labels, callouts, health claims and other marketing noise making the egg case a perplexing place for grocery shoppers.
The objectives of our study of the Chinese mantis were to determine the: (1) types and heights of vegetation used for oviposition, (2) compass orientation of egg cases on host plants, (3) dispersion of egg cases, (4) relationship between compass orientation and days to hatching of young, and (5) relationships among mass of egg case, number of young, and orientation/height.
This is where you'll find the healthy basics: fresh fruits and vegetables, the dairy and egg case, and the fish market.
If you needed a 30-dozen egg case, they would make you one." See patent no.