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eudemonics, eudaemonics

1. an art or means of acquiring happiness; eudemonism.
2. the theory of happiness. — eudemonia, n.eudemonic, eudemonical, adj.
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the ethical doctrine that the basis of morality lies in the tendency of right actions to produce happiness, especially in a life governed by reason rather than pleasure. eudemonist, eudaemonist, n.
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However, in fundamental terms it can be said that within moral philosophy there are two sciences: the science of virtue, or aretaics, and the science of happiness, or eudaemonics. Virtue is defined here to denote a desirable character trait or moral quality, while happiness is defined as denoting a relative absence of human suffering, in simple terms it can be said that we do things because to undertake such actions is inherently worthwhile (roughly speaking, virtue ethics) or we do things because of worthwhile consequences (roughly speaking, consequentialist ethics).
In the same way, lawyers of the coming century may develop a new, more mature appreciation of their natural law heritage -- a heritage that twentieth-century intellectuals have mostly dismissed as "transcendental non-sense."(283) If, in the next century, the iconoclasm and skepticism of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Karl Llewellyn, Jerome Frank, Richard Posner, Duncan Kennedy and other twentieth-century legal writers yields to a new idealism, a new spirituality and a new eudaemonics,(284) the unrecognized goal of our century's jurisprudential journey may have been one noted by T.S.
Well, if performance confers legitimacy, then nonperformance undermines it--a conclusion one can adduce without Professor Huntington's help, and without recourse to eudaemonics. Further, that people who vote voluntarily for autocracy cease to be "citizens" and turn into mere "subjects" may be a terminologically appealing notion, but it is not a useful analytic tool.