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She resisted it therefore with her utmost force, and summoned every argument her reason (which was surprisingly strong for her age) could suggest, to subdue and expel it.
In another house, the entrance of a stranger might cause surprise-- perhaps anger, even going so far as to expel the said stranger with violence: but here, I knew, nothing of the sort could happen.
With what ease, Endued with regal virtues as thou art, Appearing, and beginning noble deeds, Might'st thou expel this monster from his throne, Now made a sty, and, in his place ascending, A victor-people free from servile yoke!
I perceived pretty clearly that I had not the stamina either to resist what the captain chose to do to expel me, or to force myself upon Montgomery and his companion.
District Education Officer, Mangalesh Vyash said that the school has no authority to expel any student during a session.
'In March 2019, we'd no option but to expel children,' he said.
'You cannot claim to be uniting Kenyans when you create divisions in other political parties and expel members from your own party.
Disy president Averof Neophytou responded by requesting the executive office to expel Lakkotrypis from the party.
Sattar said his expulsion document only has Kunwar Naveed's signature although approval is necessary from two-thirds of Rabita Committee members to expel any member.
A total of 39 out of 43 NSAs voted to expel Arpi during a recent POC general assembly, paving the way for the entry of the Philippine Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (Pekaf) headed by Sen.
If we were to expel their ambassador they would expel ours."