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1. Large in extent, range, or amount.
2. Of or relating to agricultural production that requires large areas of land but minimizes the input of labor or materials.

ex·ten′sive·ly adv.
ex·ten′sive·ness n.
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Noun1.extensiveness - large or extensive in breadth or importance or comprehensiveness; "the might have repercussions of unimaginable largeness"; "the very extensiveness of his power was a temptation to abuse it"
magnitude - relative importance; "a problem of the first magnitude"
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The four wells delineate the entire Progress land block and confirm the extensiveness of the oil accumulation.
Kant presupposes Hume's atomism but extends it to space as well as time, such that our awareness of temporality and extensiveness are treated as forms of human artifice that can never be verified pragmatically.
Although the book clearly emphasises the need for a major system change, it still provides valuable information of the extensiveness of elements affected by our current production systems for those who want to save capitalism, by establishing strong institutions and stricter regulations, particularly to internalize negative externalities.
In Groetzinger, the court held that a professional gambler is in the business of gambling based on the continuity and extensiveness of the activities and the good faith intent of the taxpayer.
"For the extensiveness of the bleed to be caused in that short of a time period, you would essentially need to have somebody hit by a car or hit over the head with a baseball bat.
At this point, while we are already very eager to see the facility operate, we must also appreciate the extensiveness of the preparation process and activities that were undertaken by the proponents and their partners to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of DFTC operation.
Average extensiveness of the invasion of large and small cattle by trematodes in the territory of Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions during 2016-2017, % Note: Table made from bar graph.
Looking at the program of the Seminar other than this opening session, gives us a good picture of the width and extensiveness of the state of our cooperation.
Despite the extensiveness of the reroute, it does stick to main roads, making it easy access for larger vehicles and motorists who do not know the area.
According to Tasiu, Oshiomhole's profound intellectual extensiveness and dedication to effective service delivery, will no doubt, enable him to provide veritable support for the President Muhammadu Buhari's vision of socioeconomic and political transformation.

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