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Noun1.fantasy life - an imaginary life lived in a fantasy world
fantasy, phantasy - imagination unrestricted by reality; "a schoolgirl fantasy"
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Jane, 31, was a hit in the The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, playing a Lancashire girl who lives a fantasy life through movie stars.
"He had a very rich fantasy life. Stanley told porkies but they were beautiful porkies."
Crooked Tony Williams lived out a fantasy life as the Laird of Tomintoul in Banffshire by plundering a top-secret Scotland Yard fund used to fight organised crime.
Crooked Metropolitan Police accountant Tony Williams lived a fantasy life as the Laird of Tomintoul in Banffshire, using the fortune he easily ripped off from the world's finest crimefighters.
"These women have created a fantasy life for themselves especially with their pretend relationship with these men behind bars," she told the news outlet.
Sending him down, a judge described him as a "Walter Mitty character" - a reference to the eponymous character in the James Thurber novel who leads a fantasy life.
Jack says: "We liked the idea of someone who just leads the sort of fantasy life in the country you read about in the papers.
During the court hearing, it emerged Blackwell was suffering from an mental disorder that led him to create a fantasy life as a successful sports star able to lavish gifts on himself and his teenage lover.
The fantasy life of being transported to the luxury and fame of LA is exciting and might offer some level of escapism.
Hard to think how we could live a lie every day, on our nerves, concealing our true identities while trying to remember the difference between our real lives and the make-believe, a fantasy life where one word out of place could blow our covers, end our careers and, possibly, lose our lives.
Do we desire a fantasy life that we cannot seem to grasp in our own journey?