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D'Arnot and Tarzan were first upon the field of honor. A moment later De Coude, Monsieur Flaubert, and a third gentleman arrived.
Neither had ever mentioned the duel or the cause of it since that morning upon the field of honor.
I objected that this would require too lingering a death; it was a good speech for a consumptive, but not suited to the exigencies of the field of honor. We wrangled over a good many ante-mortem outburts, but I finally got him to cut his obituary down to this, which he copied into his memorandum-book, purposing to get it by heart:
I walked the floor, turning the thing over in my mind, and finally it occurred to me that Gatling-guns at fifteen paces would be a likely way to get a verdict on the field of honor. So I framed this idea into a proposition.
The old man sat awhile plunged in thought; then he looked up with a satisfied light in his eye, and said: "That this assassin should have put the affront upon me of letting me meet him on the field of honor as if he were a gentleman is a matter which I will presently settle--but not now.
Dear Brothers, On this Muslims' auspicious occasion, let us express our appreciation of the military and security sectors for the effort they exert in the service of pilgrims as well as in the defense of the homeland, the protection of the sanctuaries and sacrifice in the field of honor, efforts and sacrifices that were and will continue to be the pride and gratitude of our homeland.
His first display, called a Healing Field of Honor, was put up on Memorial Day weekend in 2010.
'Dear Lord, thank you for giving our race its one and only champion in the field of honor. Thank you, Lord,' he said in another Twitter post.
Sponsors and visitors will be able to walk among the Field of Honor and Gratitude to see the dedicated flag(s) at Forest Lawn, Glendale through May 28th.
We promise our martyrs who fall in the field of honor to run the full course without forgetting their dependents, fathers, mothers, spouses and children to whom we will ensure dignity of life in a free and safe country where they shall rest assured about their today and their tomorrow," he stressed.
The Field of Honor: Essays on Southern Character and American Identity