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1. the state of being a flunkey or servant
2. the behaviour or a trait characteristic of a flunkey
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flunkyism, flunkeyism

1. the quality or state of being a servant or toady.
2. behavior typical of flunkyism. — flunky, flunkey, n.
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He who has never failed somewhere, that man cannot be great." (id.) Here, Melville criticizes Emerson for having imitated a foreign model, avoiding "all topics but smooth ones," (id.) and he attacks in general the "leaven of literary flunkeyism towards England." (Melville 1922b: 74)
As is well known from the history of politics, such a top-down method of managing politics invites only flunkeyism, nothing else.
Korean historians insisted, "In upholding party spirit, it is important to struggle against feudal flunkeyism in historical studies" (CFMA No.