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Noun1.fluorescent fixture - a lighting fixture that uses a fluorescent lamp
lighting fixture - a fixture providing artificial light
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Is it better than the fluorescent fixture? If the task application is 300 lumens in a very narrow horizontal band of light on the wall, then the extra light put out by the fluorescent fixture adds nothing, and the application efficacy of the 54-W fluorescent fixture in this case is at best only 5.6 lumens per watt (300/54).
Specifications Construction: Frame and Grid: Powder-coated steel: 2.5" square tube uprights and frame Panels and strip Anti-static PVC, 40 mil (panels), 60 shields: mil (strips) Fan Filter Units: 2' x 4' HEPA, 3 speeds (see page 18) Lighting: 2' x 4', 4-tube fluorescent fixture, 3409 candlepower, 120 W, 120-277VAC Power Supply Unit: Switched supply to six-receptacle unit for connection of up to 3 FFUs and lights, plus one non-switched 120V outlet, cord and 3-prong plug.
If the electrical box is in the right location, you can start by adding a fluorescent fixture over the box.
HALP-EMG-48-2L-T5HO Class 1 Division 2 Emergency Fluorescent Light looks and operates like a standard fluorescent fixture, but includes a corrosion resistant housing and emergency backup battery system.
I found some good-looking fixtures with wrap-around acrylic diffusers that are relatively easy to service and re-lamp, such as Progress Lighting model P7189-30STR, 2 lamp linear ceiling or wall-mounted fluorescent fixture. They also have a great 650 lumen output recessed LED retrofit can-light unit, model 8071-28/35KSTR, that fits right inside existing recessed can-light fixtures, with the benefit of producing excellent illumination and air sealing the existing can light, making it airtight for improved energy efficiency.
From blank, flesh-colored center in the 1962 work to the "blankness" of a standard fluorescent fixture in 1963, the distilled and abstracted icon is now installed in a corner--a charged position for the Russian abstractionists Tatlin and Malevich, whom Flavin was studying and who both positioned works in the corner, where domestic religious icons had always hung.
The homemade 152-watt, 4-bulb compact fluorescent fixture provided 280 microEinsteins PAR and negligible UV radiation at a ten-inch depth.
"Replacing that one fluorescent fixture in the center of the kitchen with new track and undercabinet lighting creates a more dramatic and more functional room."
Got an old fluorescent fixture with a missing plastic diffuser cover?
is collaborating with Texas Fluorescents to develop and market an energy-efficient and affordable fluorescent fixture for school facilities.
Stem hung with double layers of mouth-blown glass, this fluorescent fixture provides a modulated lighting effect.

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