foreign direct investment

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Noun1.foreign direct investment - investing in United States businesses by foreign citizens (often involves stock ownership of the business)
investing, investment - the act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit
2.foreign direct investment - a joint venture between a foreign company and a United States company
joint venture - a venture by a partnership or conglomerate designed to share risk or expertise; "a joint venture between the film companies to produce TV shows"
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According to inbound services experts at PwC in the Midlands, this slump in foreign direct investment in Central and Eastern Europe could be cause for concern for a significant number of manufacturers in the region, who have offshore interests in this part of the world.
Dubai, 23 August: The Egyptian economy during the fiscal year 2008 - 2009 succeeded in attracting foreign direct investment which is estimated at about $ 8.1 billion, according to preliminary data of the balance of payments issued by the Central Bank of Egypt.
The author examines the critical relationship between foreign direct investment and domestic development and focuses her attention on the wide variation in the ability of governments to negotiate foreign direct investment to help their citizens.
The total foreign direct investment in the UAE in 2007 is valued at $18.67 billion of which some $760m has been made by Iranian investors.
The new publication was the result of a project that linked BEA enterprise, or company, data on foreign direct investment in the United States and the Census Bureau's establishment data for all U.S.
73, June 2003 After the telecommunication bubble Structural policies and growth Trends in foreign direct investment in OECD countries Foreign direct investment restrictions in OECD countries Policy influences on foreign direct investment
Recent current events such as Dubai Ports World's recent bid to acquire US port operations Chinese firm CNOOC's attempt to buy US energy firm Unocal have brought the hot-button issue of foreign direct investment to the media spotlight.
In the case of Central America, deeper regional integration would allow the region to attain a critical size in economic terms, offer wider perspectives for operators and become an attractive market for foreign direct investment from the EU.
Established in 1996, Oxford Intelligence is a consultancy group operating in the field of foreign direct investment.
China receives almost twice as much inward foreign direct investment each year as India has received in its entire history since independence in 1947.
financial and insurance industries attracted nearly half of all new foreign direct investment in 2004, with banks and other depository institutions contributing almost all of the gains.
Foreign direct investment in Japan fell 3.2 percent in fiscal 2003 from the previous year to 2,116.1 billion yen, the Finance Ministry said Wednesday.

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